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Further advances in the diagnosis and treatment of LHON and other mitochondrial optic disorders


Prof. Dr. Valerio Carelli – Bologna, Italy

Prof. Marko Hawlina – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dr. Martina Jarc-Vidmar – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Petra Lišková  – Prague, Czech Republic

Prof. Dr. Adriana Stanila – Sibiu, Romania

Dr. Sanja Petrović Pajić  – Belgrad, Serbia

Dr. Chiara la Morgia – Bologna, Italy

Prof. Dr. Rasa Liutkevičienė – Kaunas, Lithuania

Conf. Dr. Cristina Nicula – Cluj Napoca, Romania

Dr. Lea Kovač – Ljubljana, Slovenia



Chair: Prof. Dr. Valerio Carelli


15:00-15:05 CET / 16:00-16:05 EET

Welcome and introduction

Judit Kelemen – Ewopharma Switzerland


15:05-15:35 CET / 16:05-16:35 EET

Genetic landscape of LHON

Prof. Dr. Valerio Carelli


15:35-15:50 CET / 16:35-16:50 EET

Atypical LHON presentations

Dr. Martina Jarc-Vidmar


15:50-16:05 CET / 16:50-17:05 EET

Ocular phenotype in Czech patients with LHON caused by homozygous mutation in DNAJC30

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Petra Lišková


16:05-16:15 CET / 17:05-17:15 EET

Therapeutic benefits in the first months of treatment for two cases

Prof. Dr. Adriana Stanilă


16:15-16:25 CET / 17:15-17:25 EET

Mitochondrial function assessment by peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) as an indicator of pathogenicity of atypical LHON mutations

Dr. Sanja Petrović Pajić


16:25-16:35 CET / 17:25-17:35 EET

Reversible vision loss mimicking acute LHON in a patient with exacerbation of cystic fibrosis – is there a link?

Dr. Lea Kovač


16:35-16:45 CET / 17:35-17:45 EET – Break



Chair: Prof. Dr. Marko Hawlina


16:45-17:05 CET / 17:45-18:05 EET

Therapeutic options in LHON

Dr. Chiara la Morgia


17:05-17:20 CET / 18:05-18:20 EET

LHON in Lithuania

Prof. Dr. Rasa Liutkevičienė


17:20-17:30 CET / 18:20-18:30 EET

Treatment efficacy for a LHON patient after 3 years of treatment

Conf. Dr. Cristina Nicula


17:30-17:50 CET / 18:30-18:50 EET

Q&A and discussions

RO: Evenimentul se desfașoară sub egida Societății Române Retina și va fi creditat cu puncte EMC de către Colegiul Medicilor din România.



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